The Company

This company was founded by our father, Osvaldo. After WW2, he hoped to make a contribution to an Italy under reconstruction, with an art – carpentry – in which he felt in control, free to experiment to the fullest with his creativity.

He then set up a small furniture production company in Ponsacco, in which he worked with a few others.

Later, his enthusiasm became his driving force. The success of his business and the popularity of his furniture enabled him to improve the organisation of his company, by opening a small production hub in the village, all the while maintaining the craftsmanship and high quality of the product.

All of this took place between 1950 and 1980, when Osvaldo’s sons took over the company.

Next came the construction of a 2500 m2 production site on the Perignano industrial estate, to which all of the company’s production was transferred from 1981.

This reorganisation of the company and production was accompanied by a change in legal status, from Macchi Osvaldo to Macchi Mobili Srl.

However, the development of the company was not at the expense of craftsmanship. With the assistance of master carpenters, each with their own specialism, Macchi Mobili managed to develop its product range too.

During this period, the company also began to employ architects, to create ever more elaborate, detailed and comprehensive collections. This generated added value for the entire production process, thus preparing the company to face the new business challenges of the years following the economic boom.

In 2010, the company structure of Macchi Mobili changed once again, to adapt to the changes in the markets and to the new need to break into other countries. This was a momentous change, bringing into being a new concept of production and a new company philosophy: from a company manufacturing off-the-shelf products to one producing bespoke luxury furniture.

From a furniture company to a “furnishing services” provider.

The “Gotha Luxury” brand was then born, becoming our flagship collection, representing excellence, uniqueness and customisation. Today, Gotha Luxury is our distinguishing sign.

This change of company philosophy has now enabled Macchi Mobili to become a market leader. Only through 100% handmade products can we realise the dreams of our customers, for luxury, exclusive and completely customised furnishings.