Our Approach

When a customer opens one of our pieces, they experience the same excitement as if opening a jewel casket. A singular, unique sensation.

Gotha Luxury furniture is extraordinary. Precious furniture, to be treated as an object of value.

This is our approach to the creation of luxury furnishings.

Gotha Luxury means continuing to create luxury furniture according to ancient concepts of processing excellent, reliable materials. Yes, these are also the most expensive, but this is the only way of guaranteeing optimum results.

Since 2010, the company has placed the requirements of the end user at the forefront. We are constantly specialising the manufacturing process and all internal human resources, enhancing and providing them with special tools to produce all types of finish. All to create second-to-none luxury furniture items.

All processing takes place within the company, with no outsourcing. This enables us to optimise lead time and make deliveries promptly. Even so, we never forego product quality to speed up delivery!

We always keep going, constantly seeking inspiration. We take great pleasure in experimenting with processing techniques, using new machinery, new technology and water-based environment-friendly paints, resulting in no residue.

Two years ago, we implemented a highly accurate, very rare system:  a fully handmade design in relief, which enables us to place any kind of pattern on furniture, thus breaking away from the mundanity of traditional paintwork.

Our typical customer is one looking for products to bring their imagination to life.

We use this technology in all our new collections, providing tremendous added value to our customers, who can now fully choose and customise the design, pattern, colour and template.

Our accessories are just as luxurious as the materials, including knobs, handles, pearls, Swarovski crystals, indeed anything with which the customer wishes to embellish and customise their furniture. We pay the greatest attention to detail, all the way to the appearance of the outer packaging.

According to our vision, there is no guarantee in the production of furniture. When an item is used the normal way, our guarantee never expires!