Over the years, our company has undergone a significant process of development.

Both customers and the market in general have new requirements, which we have faced up to with our comprehensive furnishings solutions.

We have developed from an off-the-shelf furniture manufacturer to a provider of furnishing services, i.e. custom furniture design projects.

Setting up a technical studio within the company has enabled us to design entire furnishings solutions, from furniture to every last detail, from handles to taps, resulting in homes designed specifically to the requirements of our customers.

We create custom furnishings projects, with no need for the customer to worry about the end result.

Thanks to our highly personalised craftsmanship, the company is now seen as one of the market leaders. Our aim is to realise the dreams of our clients, the people who desire an exclusive furnishings solution, personalised down to the minute details.

We can now stake a claim to being the true “furniture tailor”.