Established in 1950 by a craftsman, a master from the outset of the harmony of knowledgeable workmanship and refined taste for the splendour of furniture, Macchi Mobili is still intertwined with the best artisan tradition.

Our approach

Opulent, exclusive, inspired by the aesthetic precepts of class and elegance, the Gotha style is based on a philosophy whereby a piece of furniture is transformed into an aesthetic delight.

Italian Design

Gotha makes the most of the 50 years of experience of Macchi Mobili, a furniture company specialised in high quality home furnishings. We now represent the evolutionary continuum of our parent company, having inherited its secrets of craftsmanship, its innate passion for beauty and its refined aesthetic balance of form and style

The art of wood

First and foremost, our master carpenters share the same passion for cabinetmaking. This is how they transform their work into a daily art, following the birth of each piece in the collection as if it were a special event, through every stage of their work